Turpial 2.0 alpha 1 available in devel ppa


It seems like old news, but Turpial 2.0 alpha 1 is available in de turpial-devel ppa for quantal only. It comes with many features and a new approach. The core libreary is a python wrapper that provides support for identi.ca and twitter, it is called libturpial. It is ideal if you like python and you need a library for playing with microblogging APIs.

The new interface provides more flexibility as it uses webkit wrapped in a gtk frame. It also provides integration with unity. It needs more Message Menu integration. but the future looks pretty bright, as Turpial 3.0 will take what is learned with the WebKit features and start developing native solutions to all the platforms it reaches.

Turpial has gathered forces and now is looking to take over the world, Please do help in making this happen if you have love for the little oriole that can certainly be big.

I personally think Turpial is still lightweight but needs more polish and testing, bugs are welcome. If you install this version, join the mailing list for support.

Keep an eye out for more updates soon.


Día Dev: Sharing Development

Long time no post, a lot of family and hard work. As I meet with several enthusiasts in Maraciabo and we have found an interest in developing in distributions. I have a relative experience in Ubuntu and this helps me to develop Debian and other debian based distributions, either Canaima or other. The idea is to form a team which can get involved in improving distributions and meet regurlarly to share experiences.

This time we'll start with Ubuntu, where I participate as a member project, the first event is this Saturday and have a Hangout On Air to share the talks and the meeting here in Maraca. The idea is to report bugs on 12.10 beta, improve bugs, improve translations and documentation, make designs, etc.. and you can join us in Maracaibo by registering at the event available Ubuntu Community Portal.

This event will take place in the fabulous facilities Coworking Maracaibo , who support us in this good initiative. They will provide us with good internet and great rooms for meetings.

This week I'll be blogging the things necessary to actively participate in this particular event. While this time is to support Ubuntu, expect other opportunities organized by the Dev Team Day for other distributions, provided we have enthusiasts who want to share development.
All guests.


Ubuntu Global Jam - Maracaibo: Success!

In Maracaibo for UGJ oneiric, we wanted to focus on providing bugs, and we are ioff to a good start. We shared confirming bugs together. I showed how easy it was to do package updates. We had a great turn up with: Cesar Sevilla, Miguel Alvarado, David Cannan, Jorge Urdaneta, Jesus Suarez, Chambers Arlette Salas, Juan (a 16 year old who already use linux for a while), Abdul Lugo, Alexander Chambers. We had a blast and they learned it was not difficult to give back to the Ubuntu.

We had a good taste of what it is to contribute, and it was sweet. For the next event, we will prepare better before  so that people feel more comfortable with all the necessary tools and a set of correct expectations and we want to extend this work to other distributions, either make a bug squashing party for Debian or a mini session reporting errors in Canaima. It is important to consider that what you learn here is valuable when you contribute to any software project. Learning to report errors serves any project. These efforts are more focused on getting us to support development as such. How are you organize more activities in the coming days. now to celebrate this release Ubuntu Oncelot oneiric 11.10.

At the end of the day we shared good pizzas :)

Ubuntu Global Jam - Maracaibo: Exito!

Ubuntu Global Jam era un evento que nos pone la tarea de contribuir a Ubuntu. Cada 6 meses al salir una versión Beta de Ubuntu. Los equipos de comunidad local nos ponemos a sacarle los errores a la nueva versión, traducir, documentar. para UGJ Oneiric, quisimos enfocarnos en aportar con bugs traducción, en vista de la lluvia llegamos al lugar un poco más tarde. Contamos con la participación de Cesar Sevilla, Miguel Alvarado, David Cannan, Jorge Urdaneta, Jesus Suarez, Arlette Chambers Salas, Juan (un joven de 16 años que ya usa linux de hace rato), Abdul Lugo, Alexander Salas. Todos ellos nos ayudaron a sentir lo que se puede hacer para contribuir en Ubuntu.

Nos queda un buen sabor de boca. Nos prepararemos mejor antes del evento para que la gente se sienta mucho más comoda con todas las herramientas necesarias y un conjunto de expectativas correctas y queremos extender este trabajo para con otras distribuciones, Bien sea aportar con un bug squashing party para Debian o una mini sessión de reporte de errores en Canaima. Es importante que consideremos que el aprendizaje del #ugj en lo técnico no es algo que es especifico para Ubuntu. El aprender a reportar errores de calidad sirve para cualquier proyecto. Estos son esfuerzos más focalizados en meternos a apoyar desarrollo como tal. Organizaremos más actividades como estas en los proximos días. por ahora a celebrar el lanzamiento de esta versión Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Oncelot.

Al final de la jornada una buenas pizzas para seguir alimentando nuestras ganas de participar. El próximo Global Jam es en Marzo 2012 para Ubuntu +2  (12.04 LTS).